Boiler Service & repair


When you call Gary’s Plumbing & Heating, you know that you'll get the best experts in the industry to help you with your boiler needs. 

If you need a simple repair, we'll get over there and get you up and running as quickly as possible. And if you need an install, then we know the most reliable, and the best brands in the industry for you to choose from.


Gas Boiler Service and MAINTENANCE

Scheduled maintenance can catch potential problems before they become expensive repairs. Keeping your boiler running at peak performance is an important money saving consideration. The more efficient a boiler is, the more money you save on gas bills and futre repairs. 

Checking for leaks in gas systems is extremely important to avoid hazardous situations. Click here for more information on the importance of maintaining gas lines and appliances.


Gas Boiler Repairs

There are many factors that can affect how your boiler is performing. You need a professional to get things back in order for you.

Here are a few common reasons a gas boiler may need to be repaired:

  • System not recieving power

  • Low water levels

  • Gas leaking or escaping

  • Ignition malfunctions

  • Thermostat malfunctions


When you need gas boiler repairs, the all-star service you have come to expect from Gary’s Plumbing & Heating will be there. We have the expertise in service, repair, and installation for all makes and models of gas boilers.



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