Can I trust my sump pump to work?

Not all the time! The leading cause for sump pump to failure is usually a switching problem. Sometimes the pump can move inside the basin. This movement causes the float that operates the switch to lodge against its side. Debris can also be a factor by interfering with the action of the pump switch. It is important to make sure that your pump switch and float arm assembly move freely. The main thing to remember about sump pumps is that they don’t last forever, even if you never use them.

Internal parts can wear out and make them virtually useless when you need them most! Our plumbers can test, maintain or replace any brand of sump pump. For flood prone areas and homes that get water seeping in on a regular basis, you may want to consider a sump pump backup system. There are non-electric systems that work off the water pressure in your home and therefore will work in the case of a power failure. We also carry battery backup sump pumps as well. Contact Gary's Plumbing and heating for more information.

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