Springs Tips From Gary's

6 Spring Plumbing Tips:  Keep the Plumbing Up and Running!

Finally, spring is in the air.  Time to start those spring cleaning and gardening projects.  But the wind, rain and cool temperatures may have impacted your water systems...  Here are some areas to check around your home!

1.    Outdoor Faucets -- Did you leave the hose connected to the outdoor faucet this season?  The changing temperatures can cause expansion in the plumbing lines, which may cause them to crack or break.  That means you may need a new outdoor hose bib.  Additional leaks could also occur and potentially cause extensive water damage to your home.  It’s worth taking a look to make sure everything is still in proper condition.  If you find that something isn’t right, the Gary’s team can get it taken care of.

2.    Leaks -- Slow leaks can and do occur. We’ve got tips for you to monitor this!  Read your water meter prior to bedtime.  Check the meter again when you wake up.  If no water was used, the reading in the morning will be the same as the night before.  However, if the meter has changed, you may have an outdoor or an indoor leak.  Our team at Gary’s Plumbing and Heating can help you figure out this mystery!

3.    Sump Pumps -- Spring is here! That means plenty of rain. Heavy spring showers may cause flooding, due to extra stress on your sump pump.  Run a test on your pump by pouring a couple of buckets of water into the unit.  If the unit keeps running and don’t automatically shut off, there may be a problem.  If your sump pump seems to be having difficulty, give Gary’s a call to avoid a greater problem.

4.    Hot Water Heater -- Once a year, your water heater should be serviced. This includes draining it and checking to make sure everything is running smoothly.  Doing this will increase its effectiveness by clearing out any sediment that has gathered in the tank.  Examination is important, especially if a hot water heater more than 10 years old.  An un-managed water heater could go out on you and even cause damage to your home.  Gary’s team can service your hot water tank for you if it is hard to reach or you are uncomfortable with this kind of task.

5.   Air Systems -- Now is the time for an inspection of your air conditioning system before the warm weather hits.  Hoses and filters need to be cleaned and cleared of dust and allergens.  It is important to make sure everything is clean and working properly so that you will have your air conditioner when you need it most.  Remember, maintenance is far less expensive than a full blown break down!  Gary’s can help you make sure your system is working when you need it most. 

6.    Furnaces -- Have you had your annual furnace service and inspection yet in the past year?  What about a filter change?  Since your furnace has been working hard all winter, it may need some maintenance and cleaning.  Spring is still chilly, so many people are still using them up until summer.  The last thing anyone wants is to catch a chill right before the warm season!  Gary's can service your furnace for you, so you won't have to worry and can focus on enjoying the seasons to come.


If you are interested in a full inspection of your plumbing, drain systems, heating and cooling units, we can happily schedule an appointment for you.  Just give Gary’s Plumbing and Heating a call and we’ll demonstrate to you our outstanding All-Star Service!