Backing Up Water Systems: With nowhere to flow, water finds a place to go!

Your bathroom is an essential part of your home, so when your routines of showering, laundry and more are interrupted, it can be a big problem.

5 Clues That Drains Are Backing Up:

  1. Oh dear!  There’s a bad smell coming up through the drain!  This is not only very unpleasant, it could also be a sign that sewage is gurgling in your drains.  If not treated quickly, lines may start to clog with nowhere to drain, causing waste water to build up and overflow. Best to get things taken care of ASAP!
  2. If running the sink causes tiny bubbles to appear in your toilet, there is a good chance you have a backup.  In a case like this, turning on one appliance can affect another.  This is because much of the plumbing in a home is tied together.  These tie-ins make it easier to spot a problem when it occurs, so you can get things taken care of before they escalate.
  3. Flushing the toilet shouldn’t cause water to bubble in your tub or shower drain.  If this is happening to you, in all likelihood your drains are clogging.  If the water can’t exit through the proper pipes, it’s going to find another route. The last thing anyone wants is a sewage covered bathroom, so it best to call a plumber quickly.
  4. Running a load of laundry shouldn’t affect your home’s other drains and appliances.  If using the washing machine is causing water to appear in your tub or shower, you most likely have a backed up system.  Best to call your Gary's Plumbing technician to get things cleared for you!
  5. Are your drains slow in general?  Take a quick look to make sure it’s not just clogged from your teenage daughter’s hair or other debris.  Be sure to check all the drains in your home, including bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens, to make sure the problem isn’t something bigger.

At Gary’s Plumbing and Heating, we can take care of all your drain related issues.  We can access the type of service best suited to clear your lines so that your plumbing system can be up and running properly in no time!  

You may be interested in regular drain cleaning, we offer an all natural, enzyme-based drain treatment that will keep things flowing smoothly.