Plumbing Services

Over many years of quality and professional service, Gary’s Plumbing and Heating, LLC has gained the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose the job at hand. This makes it possible for us to provide you with a realistic and fair estimate before any work has started.

They were prompt, responsive and affordable! Will definitely call them again!
— Ivana from Bellingham

We service all plumbing needs in Whatcom County, including toilet, sink, faucet and shower repairs, water and sewer pipe repairs, hot water tank service and replacements, tankless water heater service and conversions, gas piping, and code violation repairs.

We use our own equipment. This saves you from extra rental fees or delays when the right equipment is not readily available to others. It also means less time involved once the job has started.


Water Heaters

Gary’s Plumbing and Heating can repair, inspect, maintain and install water heaters. We also currently provide tankless, heat pump, integrated space, storage tank, electrical and gas water heaters to the Whatcom County area.

Your water heater is one of the most used fixtures of your home, creating comfort for showers, baths, washing dishes and much more. However, it is also true that this fixture can be costly since it is being used everyday, all year round. Taking precautions to have regular water heater service can save you money in energy and repairs.


Drain Line Cleaning

Gary’s Plumbing and Heating uses snaking, hydro jetting and enzymatic drain line cleaners to unclog shower, tub, sink and toilet drains in a quiet, efficient, quick and safe manner.

For those tougher clogs, we have varying sizes of snakes and flexible camera equipment as well as professional technicians with the skill to use them. We can care of your needs and get things flowing smoothly again.

For regular, at home drain maintenance, try our 100% natural, citrus based, enzymatic drain treatment: Total-C!


Garbage Disposals

Gary’s Plumbing and Heating offer state-of-the-art, cutting edge garbage disposal units to take care of even the most intimidating clogs. We can also repair, inspect and unclog garbage disposal units upon request.


We provide quality repiping services for apartments, homes and commercial and industrial facilities and compounds using state-of-the-art, maintenance free valve and piping systems with excellent warranties and 48 hour turnaround.

Sewer Service

We provide several Bellingham sewer services including snaking, hydro jetting, unblocking sewers, catch basin clearing, CCTV inspection, sewer locating and installing backwater valves.

Backflow Installation

We also provide installation and maintainance of backflow preventing devices.